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Knowledgeable Legal Help with Social Security Disability Claims
Attorney Marsha Atkin handles Social Security Disability cases at Atkin & Associates. Social Security Disability is available to those who have paid sufficiently into the social security system, and are unable to work for a period of one year. This means you could be eligible for Social Security Disability for a temporary time while recovering from a serious accident or series of surgeries. If you have been seriously injured or ill, and will likely be off work for at least a year, apply for Social Security Disability immediately. You can have the forms mailed to you by calling the national office at 1(800)772-1213 (7 am to 7pm) or complete the forms online at

Social Security asks that you apply at the first level without an attorney. This protects you from paying attorney's fees if social security is awarded without dispute. However, most people are denied at the first level. If your claim is denied, there is limited time to file for reconsideration or a hearing. Be sure to contact Marsha immediately.

At ATKIN & ASSOCIATES we know that waiting for disability benefits can be financially devastating. Visit our Online Help for programs and ideas for surviving the wait.

Talking to Marsha about Social Security Disability is free, and if she represents you, fees are only 25% of the past due benefits she recovers for you.
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