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Gary Atkin

Gary has been successful over the years in securing significant recoveries by way of settlement or trial on behalf of injured workers in actions brought against third parties (persons or entities other than the employer) who were responsible for their injuries at work. Gary prides himself on his ability to coordinate all available benefits into a settlement package which allows the maximum benefit to his clients. Read More...

Dawn Atkin

Dawn's practice focuses exclusively on the representation of injured workers in workers compensation claims. She has a broad range of experience with work related injuries, including brain injuries, surgery denials, problems with pre-existing conditions, independent contractor issues, and injuries off the job site, such as work at home injuries. Read More...

Kenny Atkin

In his 25 years of practicing Utah workers' compensation law, Kenny has argued cases in front of the Utah Court of Appeals and Utah Supreme Court. One pivotal case involved a long standing abuse by insurance companies. The case involved a worker that was denied benefits solely due to the existence of a preexisting condition. Read More...

Phillip Shell

Phil concentrates his practice in the area of Workers’ Compensation, with an active practice before the Utah Labor Commission, as well as in Social Security Disability appeals. Phil can also help you with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Let him counsel with you in determining what your best options are. Read More...

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