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Experienced in Utah Workers Compensation Claims
Workers' Compensation for injured workers is what we do best. Attorneys K. Dawn Atkin, Kenny Atkin and Marsha S. Atkin understand the intricacies of a Labor Commission hearing, know the quirks of each judge, and sit on various committees that propose the changes in laws, rules and procedures in Utah Workers' Compensation. We have the experience and expertise you need.

Most people never need an attorney when they are injured at work. Normally, the insurance company pays benefits, and no legal action at the Labor Commission is needed. Unfortunately, when an adjuster refuses to pay for necessary medical care, or the insurance company stalls benefits at every turn, legal action is needed. We can help.

There is no charge to talk to us, and if you need legal assistance, there are no attorney's fees unless we recover money for you. Call us at (801)521-2552 or email an attorney directly for a free consultation.

Atkin & Associates believes it is important for people to understand the legal process. Knowing what is happening and why is empowering. Visit our Online Help for a guide to the legal process and other information for injured workers.

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Dawn Atkin, Marsha Atkin, Gary Atkin, and Kenny Atkin

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